Chris Green/ Owner

Chris Green/ Owner

I have been hunting waterfowl for the last 25 years my main passion is snow goose hunting. I grew up hunting the prairies of the Dakota’s. I am 35 years of age but I can still remember my first snow goose that I harvested when I was 9 years old with my father and grandfather. Ever since that day I have became hooked and my obsession has grown over the years. I have selected my team of guides through many years of hunting I can assure you that the guides that work for Migration X Outfitters are the best at what we do which is to put all of our clients on a hunt of a lifetime. Our crew works very hard day in and day out running on many nights without sleep but at the end of the season we are the best of buds and each of us return to the different states we call home. We all keep in touch after season reminiscing about the past season and waiting for the next season to begin so we can do it all over again.



Eric Hendricks/ Guide

My name is Eric Hendricks. I live in Kimball Minnesota and I am a part of the migration X outfitters crew, where I guide spring snow goose hunts. I am 24 years old and own a small hobby farm, where I live with my 2 black labs Jake and Jack. My Dad started taking me with him on his Annual Waterfowl Hunting trips to western Minnesota. I have been going hunting with my Dad since I was about 3 years old. I learned to appreciate the outdoors and the environment from my Grandpa and my Dad. They taught me to respect safety in the field and all wildlife. Since then I have hunted from Manitoba Canada, thru the Dakotas, Minnesota all the way south to Oklahoma. I enjoy hunting all types of waterfowl, turkeys, and like winter and summer fishing. I love to take first timers hunting and fishing. My hope for all beginners is that they come to love these sports as much as I do. I like scouting for birds and also enjoy the off season preparation. If I am not busy hunting, I am busy working with my dad and brother at our family business. We are heavy equipment operators, and we run semi’s and quad trucks. As you can see I will do anything it takes to be outside in any type of weather doing the things I love. I am looking forward to seeing you in the field this spring!


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Alex TschosikAlex Tschosik

I have been hunting the Dakotas for waterfowl for about 12 years now and it is an absession I intend to practice until I can no longer hoist a gun to my shoulder and the Migration X crew is the same exact way. I love chasing all species of waterfowl. I work extremely hard in the field and when a hunt goes right it makes it all that much more rewarding. I look forwarding to hunting with you this fall and spring.