Join us at Migration X Outfitters as we offer premium spring snow goose hunts. We have a passion for waterfowl hunting, especially spring snow geese. On any particular snow goose hunt, you have the chance to witness up to hundreds of thousands of geese as they fill the sky on their way north to the breeding grounds. We stay on top of the migration and move with the flights so we’re not sitting on stale birds. The spring snow goose hunting season is a special conservation season allowing liberal limits, extended plugs, and electronic calls to be used in the harvest of snow geese. We take full advantage of these opportunities as we have large decoy spreads, high-tech e-callers, and whatever else is necessary to fool the weary snow geese in our snow goose hunt.

We hunt snow geese in two states in the Central flyway, Nebraska and South Dakota. Each state is unique but one thing remains the same, we stay mobile when necessary.

A typical day in the field starts at 6 a.m. Fill up on breakfast and pack a lunch and snacks for the day afield. We like to be to the field and ready by shooting time to ensure you don’t miss any of the action. Depending on the field, some can be hot and heavy that first hour. We will continue to snow goose hunt all day and into the evening til sundown. Some days there is a lot of action during the middle of the day when the migration is on, other days we’re targeting feeding birds and you can take a break during that time. It’s entirely up to the hunter’s discretion, we’re willing to provide a FULL day of snow goose action. We are providing a full day of snow goose hunting, and the results TYPICALLY average between 20-30 geese. However, some days can be tougher than others as you can expect some single digits as well as 100+ days. It’s hunting, you just never know.

The owner and lead guide, Chris Green, has been snow goose hunting all of his life. He grew up snow goose hunting in the stubble fields of North Dakota, and constantly finding ways to outsmart such a respected and wise bird. Through the years, tactics and gear have changed but one thing stayed the same, his passion for snow geese is still as strong as it was on day one over 20 years ago. In recent years, he’s become more driven to provide this experience to others and that is where Migration X Outfitters started. We will do everything we can to provide a snow goose hunt of a lifetime.

Spring Snow Goose Hunt a typical snow goose decoy spread from Migration X is around 1500-2000 decoys. These decoys can consist of anything from full bodies to windsocks, depending on the situation. Our Snow Goose decoy spreads consist of Full Bodies and socks! We have the latest and newest equipment necessary, it all depends on what’s working during the Snow Goose migration. Our concealment varies depending on the hunter. We can provide backrests and white suits for the client if they prefer, or we can also provide large, comfortable layout blinds. We want to be able to accommodate the hunter in comfort as well as the best possible concealment. We typically run 3 electronic callers per decoy spread and possibly more, if necessary. We feel all this equipment is necessary to be able to provide you the most action. The snow goose is the most difficult of all waterfowl to hunt, in our opinion. These birds see a lot of decoy spreads and we strive to show them something a bit different. This is all a part of our hunts.

Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts – Tentative Dates February 20th-March 15th

South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunts – Tentative Dates March 17th – April 15th

Migration X Outfitters – we strive to provide world class snow goose hunts.